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Cultural Studies Working Group

The Cultural Studies Working Group is a collegial network that addresses issues on culture in the broadest sense: research can address everyday life and culture, cultural politics and memory culture, cultural phenomena like literature, music, food etc. History and the present are of equal interest. In many cases, the researchers work at interdisciplinary interfaces.

Active members

Bathory, Dalia

Bopp-Filimonov, Valeska (convenor)

Drace-Francis, Alex

Grama, Emanuela

Livezeanu, Irina

Trandafoiu, Ruxandra

Other members

Butoi, Ionut

Colacel, Onoriu

Colin, Amy

Fumurescu, Ana

Glajar, Valentina

Gorovei, Domnica

Gubernat, Ruxandra

Kuhrer-Wielach, Florian

Marian-Balasa, Marin

Matei, Irina

Murgescu, Mirela

O’Neill, Bruce

Petrescu, Corina L.

Petrinca, Ruxandra

Pintilescu, Andrada

Rammelt, Henry

Rusu, Mihai S.

Vasile, Cristian

Zavarache, Camelia


An online meeting took place on 28 October 2023.


Mămăliga, Zacuscă, and their components. Gastronomic and linguistic myths in Romanian terminology and history of food


Alex Drace-Francis, Cristian Gașpar, Emanuela Grama (discussant), Valeska Bopp-Filimonov (chair)


“Cracking the Cucuruz, Parsing the Porumb: words for maize in Romanian and what we can learn from them”, Alex Drace-Francis
“Zacusca Debunked: Linguistic and Historical Notes on an Ethnogastronomical Myth”, Cristian Gașpar Chair: Valeska Bopp-Filimonov
Discussant: Emanuela Grama