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Working Groups

The SRS convenes working groups to promote discussion and collaboration between scholars in specific fields.
To join one or several groups, please contact the convenor(s). In order to become an active group member, you need an SRS membership.
The SRS working groups are the following:

Gerard Weber (Gerard.Weber[a]bcc.cuny.edu)

Art History

Business and Economics
Rodica-Milena Zaharia (milena_zaharia[a]yahoo.com)

Cultural Studies
Valeska Bopp-Filimonov (valeska.bopp-filimonov[a]uni-jena.de)

Democracy and Politics
Dana Trif (dana.trif[a]fspac.ro)

Gender Studies (Joint SRS-Indiana University Bloomington group)
Maria Bucur

Graduate Students and ECRs
Alexandra Ciocanel

Holocaust and the Second World War (Joint SRS-PLURAL group)
Diana Dumitru and Grant Harward

Interwar History
Anca Filipovici

Law and Society
Mihaela Serban (mserban[a]ramapo.edu)

Marina Cap-Bun (marina_capbun[a]yahoo.com)

Memory and Justice
Monica Ciobanu (Monica.ciobanu[a]plattsburgh.edu)

Minorities Studies
Gábor Egry and László Fosztó

Postwar Politics, History, and Culture
Dragoș Petrescu

Pre-1918 History

Religious Studies
Roland Clark (Roland.Clark[a]liverpool.ac.uk)

Mihai S. Rusu (mihai.rusu[a]ulbsibiu.ro)