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Postwar Politics, History, and Culture

SRS–PPHC develops research and educational projects based on: (1) trans- and interdisciplinary approaches to state socialism in Romania and East-Central Europe (ECE); (2) historical reconstructions of processes which unfolded during the (First) Cold War; (3) causal explanations of the 1989 regime changes, the democratic transitions which followed and the authoritarian backsliding processes in ECE; and (4) current debates on the inception of the New Cold War.

Active members

Paraianu, Razvan

Petrescu, Dragos (convenor)

Trandafoiu, Ruxandra (convenor)

Ungureanu, Manuela

Other members

Davis, R. Chris

Delcea, Sergiu

Janosi, Csongor

Marin, Manuela

Miroiu, Adrian

Pechlivanis, Paschalis

Petrescu, Cristina

Popescu, Daniela

Tarau, Virgiliu

Tufis, Claudiu

Vasile, Cristian


The first major project developed by PPHC is the series of lectures organized by PPHC in collaboration with the Master Program in Comparative Politics (MCP) at the Faculty of Political Science (FSP), University of Bucharest. The project is supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) – Bucharest Office and unfolds during the academic year 2022/2023. The first lectures were given by SRS members and took place during the Fall semester 2022, as follows: 3 November, in-person, joint lecture by Claudiu Tufiş and Sergiu Delgea on new social movements and welfare chauvinism, moderator Dragoş Petrescu; 10 November, in-person, Roland Clark on Romanian Fascism and its present-day perceptions and interpretations, moderator Cristina Petrescu; 15 December, online, Ruxandra Trandafoiu on the Romanian diaspora in the UK, moderator Cristina Petrescu. PPHC has secured funding for organizing the second series of lectures in Romanian Studies during the academic year 2023/2024.