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Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Society for Romanian Studies and the PLURAL Forum for Interdisciplinary Studies:
Considering the military aggression of the Russian Federation against the territorial integrity, the sovereignty, and the independence of Ukraine,
Considering the atrocities committed by the Russian Armed Forces against the civilian population in Ukraine, including children,
Considering the repression by the Russian State of the people who use their freedom of speech,
Aware of their mission to defend human rights and democratic values and to spread this awareness,
jointly PROTEST against the Russian invasion of Ukraine,
STAND IN SOLIDARITY with the people of Ukraine and with our Ukrainian academic colleagues,
and pledge to HELP them in whatever way they can,
BACK the petitions of their fellow associations ASEEES, BASEES, and IARCEES,
SUPPORT the protests of the Russian intellectuals and the entire Russian people,
and HOPE for peace and for justice.